In true “Big Brother” fashion, how the game is being played changes from minute to minute. One minute Rachel is on top, the next she’s a blabbering idiot. One second Daniele is a genius, the next she’s ruined her whole game. But one thing has remained the same the entire season so far and that’s Shelly‘s social game.

It first seemed that Shelly would be the typical older, motherly contestant – full of dead weight, just there to cook and clean. Think Kathy from Big Brother 12. But we quickly saw that there was more to Shelly than just those things. She was one of the first to turn on her alliance and vote the way the vets were voting. She immediately got on the side of Jeff and Jordan. At first I think that was just because she was a fan of theirs from their season.

She continued to play with her alliance. They trust her. The vets trust her.

Everyone thinks Shelly is on their side and they all tell her everything. And within five minutes, she’s spreading that news to the other side. And no one has figured this out. I think Daniele is suspicious of her, but who isn’t Daniele suspicious of?

Now we even have Shelly making the plans on who should go home and she’s not even HoH! She somehow convinced Kalia and everyone else how this week’s replacement nomination and eviction should go.

Shelly definitely isn’t a great physical player, so that’s what I think will keep her from winning the entire game. But I think she might float her way to a Top 4. I just hope she doesn’t starve to death or smoke her way to a collapsed lung first. See what Shelly’s up to now on the Live Feeds.

It’s hard to pick who’s playing the second best game. While I think Jeff is a great physical player, he’s not a very good social gamer. And Jordan is the exact opposite of him. And for Daniele, if she had just kept her backstabbing for a couple weeks, she would easily be the second-best game player. She has the physical game, but the rest kind of fell apart after week two.

Who do you think is playing the best game?

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