There weren’t a lot of surprises Thursday night on Big Brother 13.

Keith went home. Jordan won the HOH for Week 2, thus leaving the vets in control of the house (and another week of sex in the HOH room on the Live Feeds. Seriously, did anyone ever think the new players would really be able to take down the returning dynamic duos? I’m predicting right now tht it will continue this way for the rest of the season. The only hope for any excitement is some great veto wins or a Rachel vs. Cassi throw down. I doubt it could top Rachel vs. Kristen or Rachel vs. Ragan, but one can hope, right?

Speaking of Rachel, let me get to what’s really on my mind.

Some things never change. Almost a year later, Brendon and Rachel are still in the most unhealthy and co-dependent relationship I’ve ever seen. From Brendon’s complete overreactions to Rachel’s childish glares, it’s a disaster. Rachel has already spent a lot of the Live Feeds drinking and, of course, Brendon is always sure to point out that he doesn’t approve. I can’t believe we’re being forced to see this two seasons in a row. I almost prefer Jeff’s homophobia and Jordan’s obsession with farting and pooping. ALMOST.

We also learned that Evil Dick is OK, but no details as to what his personal emergency was.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Live Feeds to follow the game. Who can wait until Sunday? I know I can’t.



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